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Intrigued? Well this is the virtual window to my life, and the place where you can find everything you would want to know about the mysterious Johnny Five.

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My name is Johnny Five. I am the son of Tony Santoro, an extraordinary guitarist and rising musician who passed on the 2nd day of the year 1995. I moved out to Los Angeles at the age of 24 with my twin brother Justin and our band Still Standing. My music experience is growing and new music is being created every day. I have recently branched off to start a solo project called Johnny Five and I also play bass guitar in the band Rock Sugar. All of these projects are going strong and we are spreading the word to each and every one of you everyday!

Work Experience

Still Standing

An American alternative rock group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that now resides in Los Angeles, California. The group recorded an EP with Tommy Henriksen in 2004. In that same year, they toured with Alice Cooper on the "Eyes of Alice Cooper Tour" in Canada.

In 2005 they met with Marti Frederiksen and completed a full length album titled "Black and White" that has yet to be released. They spent over 2 years of writing with the band in a little studio that Marti created for them in his basement in Monrovia, California.

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"Getting to hear Buckcherry, Motley Crue, Aerosmith and bands that have serenaded our ear drums for so long, working with Marti just upstairs through a piece of drywall and some wood, made us feel like we were taking the right road to success" Johnny Five states. "I learned pro tools and engineered all of the recordings. Now I had experience with producing and engineering from a world renowned Producer and songwriter".

In 2010 the band signed their first recording contract with Capitol Media and Music Group which later changed their name to United Media and Music Group. The band has shot 3 music videos so far, and will be releasing the third one soon..

Visit their website at

Rock Sugar

An American pop/metal mash-up band that has taken the word "mash-up" to whole new level. A unique proposition - taking 80s classic pop songs and fusing them with 80s rock anthems, they have gathered a large fanbase in a short space of time.

They have toured throughout the US, and have graced the stage at the famous Download Festival 2010 in Donington, England (formerly known as the Monsters of Rock), along with the likes of Aerosmith, AC/DC, Slash, 30 Seconds To Mars, Rage Against the Machine and many more.

The band consists of lead singer and famous voice over actor (Wakko Warner, Transformers Ironhide and Barricade and many more) Jess Harnell, guitarist and successful voice over producer Chuck Duran (who also provides the singing voice on Disney's "I'm in the Band"), drummer and grammy award winning producer/engineer Alex Track, and last but not least, bassist and Still Standing guitarist Johnny Five. Together these guys put on one hell of a rock and roll show. See for yourself!


Reviews coming soon!

Reviews coming soon!

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What Can I Do?

Main Vocals

I am an accomplished and outgoing vocalist, with a distinct style and distinct sound. I am currently the lead vocalist for my solo project, Johnny Five.

Backing Vocals

With a keen ear for music, and a passion to sing, I can provide solid backing vocals to add to the lead vocalist's sound. I provide backing vocals for both Still Standing and Rock Sugar.

Lead Guitar

I'm a fairly accomplished guitar player, and can adapt my style to suit a wide variety of genres. I am the lead guitar player for Still Standing.

Rhythm Guitar

Rhythm guitar player for Still Standing.

Bass Guitar

I'm the bass guitar player in pop/rock mashup group Rock Sugar.


I have written songs with artists such as Mike Roucco (Cinder Road), Scott Stevens (The Exies), Marti Frederiksen (hit songwriter and producer), Justin Coppolino (Still Standing).






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